“An initiative on socio-economical development for deprived adolescent girls”

About ARC

ARC is a practical learning and livelihood resource centre for deprived adolescents. ARC offers activities to protect and improve their (reproductive) health, education, income generation and social dignity.

ARC is situated in the village Benedona, Union Krishanagar, Upazilla Kaligong in Sathkira District. The district is known for the mangrove forest Sundarbans and its coastal area in the Bay of Bangle, but carries the burden of a backward image due to poverty, illiteracy, fundamental Islam, male dominance and women exploitation.  The area has suffered under multiple cyclones and floods which obstructed the economical and social development. More recently the area is victim to human trafficking.

Realizing the limited chances for a healthy developed for adolescent girls due to these deprived circumstances, Agrogoti Sangstha decided to build an Adolescent Resource Center. Since 2005 the ARC is there to improve the socio-economic and cultural development, as well as the reproductive health of the adolescent girls, offering them a broad range of possibilities to develop their capabilities.


ARC is made possible with help of: the German Embassy, CIDA, USCC-B, BNF, Safe the Children, VSO Bangladesh & Agrogoti Sangstha.


Beneficiaries profile

Early adolescence: 8 – 12 age

Middel adolescence: 12 – 16 age

Adolescence:16 – 18 age

Total Number of adolescent girls:372



  1. To empower adolescent girls to continue their education until the age of 18 and ensure their literacy
  2. To increase the knowledge of adolescent girls and their families on health and prevent early pregnancies
  3. To improve the reproductive health of adolescent girls
  4. To offer income generating activities for the adolescent girls
  5. To promote the development of women friendly environment


Main activities of ARC

  1. Continuing Education
  • Library & reading books with children
  • Observe national and international Days


  1. Prevention against common diseases and early pregnancies
  • Information on hygiene, sanitation and common diseases
  • Information on life skills, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
  • Medicine distribution


  1. Income generating activities
  • Training on tailoring and weaving
  • Training on biological agriculture and home gardening
  • Training on packaging


  • Increasing the awareness of violence against girls and women
  • Offering cultural activities & sports


Impact on Adolescent Girls

Access to education

  • Increase the literacy rate
  • Invent life style education
  • Reflect on practical life situation
  • Increase the girls education rate
  • Decrease of early marriage

Poverty reduction

  • Increase possibilities to gain income
  • Generate innovative income
  • Increase the savings and purchase of adolescent girls’ families
  • Initiate cooperate income generating activities

Health and Health care promotion

  • Raise the awareness on hygiene, sanitation, health and child education
  • Decrease the rate of children and mother deaths and common diseases
  • Decrease the number of early pregnancies and HIV/AIDS infections

Gender and social empowerment

  • Decrease the rate of dowry, early marriage, and violence against women
  • Increase women participation on family and community decision making
  • Decrease fatuwa and social discrimination by religious or social leaders
  • Increase gender awareness by joint activities for women
  • Increase awareness on Human Trafficking

Class and Caste destruction

  • Decrease the negative attitude to people of a lower cast
  • Promote a positive attitude towards indigenous people


Future aims:

  • The ARC will be rewarded as a social movement on prevention against violence against women
  • The ARC will take collective initiatives on income generating activities, like small industries
  • The adolescents that join ARC will act against social irregularities against women
  • The ARC will be a home for the cultural education of women
  • The ARC will actively protect the rights of children and women


Location:Adolescent Resource Centre

Village: Benedonna

Union :  Krishnanagar

Upazilla:  Kaligong

District: Sathkira

Phone number:01733002097

Email address:arcagrogoti@gmail.com

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