Achieved Result:

  • More than 70% peoples are using the capacity for IGA who received training from Government, NGOs and project.
  • 16 UPs are using the revolving IGA fund to develop the livelihood of poor people.
  • UP proposed 3.7% budget in their annual development budget.
  • Ensured access total 27.74% more people in the delivered service in the project time.
  • Increased the income of 17.30% poor families by using the local resources.
  •  50% CSDI prepared priority list of beneficiaries.
  • 40% representatives of the CSDI faced the communities and LEBs.
  • 20% useable land are using by the poor for plantation.
  • The Samajik Uddog Forums have taken 211 local initiatives for the benefit of community.

UPs are preserving 6 service recipient list (VGD, VGF, Disable allowance, Widow allowance, Old age allowance, Agriculture subside allowance)

  • 21.19 % poor people and 28.51% women participated in the local development planning process.
  • Ensured 31% participation of poor and ethnic community in the community platform of 25 UPs.
  • Ensured 31% women and poor participation in the PIC committees.
  • The old UPs, 85% projects have taken from the 5 years plan among the implemented project of UPs.
  • All UPs developed 5 years plan.
  • 50% standing committees are activating in the 25 UPs and  UPs taken 35% recommendations of standing committees.
  • 85% CSDI are providing   their service through coordination with the UP.


Lessons learnt

o) Develop ward level community platform is more effective to monitor the service provider activities, advocacy with them and create community voluntary initiatives.

o) Community platform can promote the transparency and accountability of the respective institution through their orientation and sensitization.

o) Special institution based in depth interaction can help to achieve more effective result.

o) The UP can run the IGA for the poor people through proper guideline as well as support.


Case study:


A cannel ; rescued the community from flood and developed livelihood

From the starting of local government, they are implementing local development activities as the representation of central government. But they implement the activities to consider their vote instead of community demand or community plan. Sometimes they implement to crate the opportunities of social master or some community plans are stopped due to the patron-client relation ship between them and LEBs. In the rural areas, there are no community platform who can create pressure on UP or can raise voice on behalf of communities.  So, traditionally the UP representatives implement the activities for their own benefit, what can not change the livelihood of communities.

Agrogoti Sangstha is implementing ” Establishing Transparent and Accountable Local Government Project” by the Support of Manusher Jonno Foundation at 25 UPs in Satkhira district. To make the solidarity of community for ensuring community participation in UP

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