Agrogoti Sangstha in collaboration with Rupantar and Nalta Radio is implementing Promoting Engagement and Action for Countering Extremism (PEACE) Consortium Project in Satkhira District since September 2016 to till date aiming to establish peace and harmony in the community through community engagement. Peace Consortium Project intend to work with aged group 10-14, aged group 15-35 and aged group 35+ population.

Name of the Project: Promoting Engagement and Action for Countering Extremism (PEACE) Consortium

Supported By: Rupantar, Khulna

Duration: September 2016 to December 2018.

Working Area: Satkhira Sadar, Kalaroa, Tala, Debhat, Assashuni, Kaligong and Shyamnagar upazila of Stakhira District


Target Beneficiaries

SL Population aged group Number of beneficiaries Total
Female Male
1 Aged group  (10-14) 8186 12225 20411
2 Aged group (15-35) 23120 58213 81333
3 Aged group (36+) 34457 263663 298120
Total 65763 334101 399864


Vision: PEACE Consortium envisions a violence free society fostering peace and harmony.

Mission: The consortium’s mission is to facilitate the processes to foster peace and social harmony maintaining secular and syncretic culture where targeted communities autonomously perform to prevent as well as counter radicalization and recruitment for extremism.


Initiative 1: Cultural & Sports Events for adolescent engagement in peace and harmony building

  • Activity 1: Engagement of 25061 students of Satkhira coming from various institutions in Knowledge competition, Debate Competition, Essay Writing and Exhibition against radicalization and violence.


  • Activity 2: Engagement of 25061 students of Satkhira coming from various institutions inInter-school, Madrasa and college sports competition to build solidarity and harmony.
  • Activity 3: Engagement of 25061 students of Satkhira coming from various institutions in Inter-school, Madrasa and college cultural events for engaging students to cultivate mindfulness towards peace and harmony.


  • Activity 4: Capacity building for 574 teachers and 5740 students of Satkhira considered as potential youth to incorporate in the society against violence extremism and working as Change Agents.
  • Activity 5: Engagement of 25061 students of Satkhira coming from various institutions in Day observation at Secondary school, college and Madrasa level(International Non-Violence Day , International Peace Day) through 5740 student change agents from Satkhira with the guidance of 574 teacher playing role as Change agents .

Initiative 4: Inter-generation dialogue by youth with influential senior persons for building solidarity in the community

  • Activity 1 : Organizing 492 Intergeneration Dialogue in total and specifically 312 at 78 unionin Satkhira by the youth members of the community to share their views and exchanging opinion with the senior and experienced ones

Initiative 6: Coordination/Interaction and rapport building with the Administration, Law Enforcement Authority, Local Government Institutions, media and professionals’ associations

  • Activity 1 : Inception Meeting with 60 people from administration at District Level.
  • Activity 2 : Regional Dialogue meeting with 60 people at District Level with Administration, Law Enforcement Agency & Journalists annually.
  • Activity 3 : Organizing Quarterly Meeting of community people with Upazila Law and Order Committee in all the 7 Upazilla of Satkhira district.
  • Activity 4 : Regular Participation in district and Upazila NGO Coordination Meeting in all the 7 Upazila of Satkhira district.
  • Activity 5 : Daily observation, identification and documentation of print and online media news relating P/CVE.
  • Activity 6 : Rapport building through quarterly meeting with the NTEA (National Trained Imam Association), Teachers’ association of educational institutions from Satkhira District.

Initiative 7: Engage religious leaders for P/CVE and encouraging initiatives towards peace building

  • Activity 1 : Conduct 322 inter-faith dialogues among with 16118 Religious leaders in Satkhira district.


  • Activity 2 : Organize 8 religious gathering (1 at the district level and 7 in the Upazila level) to advance and promote communal harmony.


  • Activity 3 : Support 261 capacity building training of 7830 religious leaders (imams) at community level to contribute in peace building process as Change Agents.


So, PEACE Consortium project is envisioned to achieve the said objective through the engagement of the whole community.


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