Financial Transparency

1) Project Title: Promoting Accountability, Responsiveness, Transparency of Nominated and Engaged Representatives (PARTNER)

Budget: 1,99,88,204/=

2) Project Title: Social Protection Entitlements Ensuring for Community and Hardcore (SPEECH)

Budget: 1,92,77,763/=

3) Project Title: Verification Observation Indication through Community Engagement (VOICE)

Budget: 59,97,452/=

4) Project Title: Child Domestic Workers Protection Project.

Budget: 65,56,080/=

5) Project Name: Promoting Science Education in Secondary School.

Budget: 23,06,245/=

6) Project Name: Model Village Project

Budget: 1,46,346/=


7) Project Name: Combined Initiatives for Trafficking Prevention in Person’s Project.

Budget: 28,40,600/=


8) Practical Training & Resource Center (PTRC)

Budget: 15,00,000/=


9) Capacity Building of Adolescents through Information Technology Project

Budget: 2,50,000/=

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