Recruitment Policy of Agrogoti Sangstha


Approval for Recruitment

 The recruitment of staff can be made on the basis of budgetary allocation or extra budgetary options. In all cases Executive Director will approve recruitment in all positions in Agrogoti Sangstha. The concerned Section Chief/Head   can forward proposal for recruitment as per budgetary provision. The Executive Director  may seek guidance from the Board, to fill certain positions in Agrogoti Sangstha.. However in recruiting staff, Agrogoti Sangstha will prefer female candidate unless there is a particular need for male staff.

Developing the vacancy Announcement/Advertisement

  1. For newly created positions, the concerned Departmental Head/ chief will formulate job description For exiting positions, previously developed job descriptions can be used. If necessary those can be reformulated in the light of new requirements. Based on the job description administration department will develop the advertisement to publish in newspapers and other media.
  2. The advertisement should contain brief description about Agrogoti Sangstha, required educational qualification, work experience, indicative compensation package, and the job requirements i.e. what is expected from the suitable candidate/incumbent for the position.
  3. Minimum information required in the application- brief information on the candidate’s education and experience, her/his special achievements, and preferably a note on why s/he thinks s/he is suitable for the position (Only for professional positions)
  4. The candidates should be given at least 10 days time to respond to the advertisement.
  5. The Executive Director will approve the advertisement before publication.

Announcement of Vacancies.

  1. For Positions requiring Professional Background, announcements will be made in two major national dailies (one in Bangla and the other one in English newspaper) and bulletin boards of some relevant national and international development organisations in Dhaka. The advertisement should be made, preferably on weekly holidays or on those days when the newspapers have a special feature on Employment Advertisements. Junior positions may be advertised internally or locally. It will be considered staffs’ position and fund availability by AGROGOTI SANGSTHA.
  2. The administration department will perform the responsibility of publishing the advertisement wherever necessary.

Screening/Short Listing.

The Management will formulate criteria for screening/short listing of candidates if too many of them meet the minimum requirements advertised.

Some screening/short listing criteria may be:

  • Academic Achievements;
  • Relevance of experience to the position advertised;
  • Present organisation and position of the applicant;
  • Potential to take additional responsibility:
  • Social and cultural background:
  • Salary expectations:


Issuance of Interview/written test card

The short listed candidates will be communicated in writing about the date, place and time of written test and/or interview. The written test/interview date will be fixed al least after 10 days of delivery of interview card to ensure that everybody receives the card and can take minimum preparation.

Recruitment Test

At least according to size/number of employees candidates should be short-listed for a single position in the professional category. The interview process may include both written and viva.


Composition of Interview Board

The Interview Board will consist of not exceeding four persons- at least two from Agrogoti Sangstha and one from out side of Agrogoti Sangstha. Agrogoti Sangstha’s BOARD CHAIR  OR  his/her nominee will chair the interview board.


Inviting Interview

The management will prepare interview schedule and the candidates will be informed through letters/telephone or fax.


Interview result

The result of interview will not be published. The successful candidate/s will be contacted over telephone.

Selection for Recruitment

The Interview Board will prepare list of two to three alternative candidate for each position so that detailed queries can be made about their background, previous experiences and performance. Negotiations may be made with them. Final recruitment will be done from the list of alternative candidates.



The Board/ED or her/his nominee will negotiate for Agrogoti Sangstha with the candidates/s found suitable in order of merit, on the terms of appointment, particularly on joining period or time, salary and other benefits etc, through face-to-face discussion.



  1. Before issuing appointment letter to any employee under grade – A to E, satisfactory reference must be received from present employer. ED/Director or her/his nominee shall write or call over telephone to the previous and present employer and to the referees (if necessary) to enquire about the selected candidate(s).
  2. Agrogoti Sangstha may decide to ask the finally selected candidate to take medical tests. In that case Agrogoti Sangstha will bear the medical examination cost.
  3. ED/Director or the competent authority will issue the appointment letter after being satisfied with Agrogoti Sangstha requirements. Agrogoti Sangstha will also give a deadline for two weeks to the selected candidates/s to accept or reject the terms of appointment.

Joining procedure

Administration department will receive the joining report from the newly recruited incumbent. The new incumbent’s supervisor will verify joining report. Administration will introduce the newly recruited person/s to the employees of Agrogoti Sangstha



Every new incumbent will, during the first six months, under go systematic induction orientation to enable her/him to adopt Agrogoti Sangstha norms and environment. However, the newly employed incumbent should be put in her/his designated job as soon as possible.


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