Child Domestic Workers Protection Project

Project Title: Child Domestic Workers Protection Project

Supported by: AIN O Salish Kendro, Dhaka & Save the Children International.

Duration: (January-2011 to December-2014)

Geographical Area:

SLUpazillaName of Union/MunicipalityName of villages
1Satkhira SadarSatkhira Sadar, Labsha, AgardariBoddipur, Parkukrali, Thanaghata, Kashempur,
2KaligonjKrishnanagarSota, Choudhurati
3SyamnagarBhruliaDaulia, Chalitaghata.

Project Goal: Children are living better protected from abuse by all duty bearers resulting in children living free of fear and with greater opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Project Objectives:

  1. The child domestic workers and the children at risk of becoming CDWs will be benefited from direct improvements to their quality of life and life changes through improved literacy, numeracy and vocational skills, legal presentation, improved mental and physical health and opportunities to socialize with peers.

2.    The children, parents, local government representatives, teachers and students from mid level formal schools(HECDWs) will have increased awareness of child rights and improved attitudes, behavior towards CDWs and the employers adhere to the COC improving working conditions.

3.   To Support for implementation of the revitalized national child labor eradication policy (NCLEP) ensuring it effectively tackles child labor, protects the rights of CDWs and act to replicate the best practice for global learning.

Major Activities:

  • Child education.
  • Vocational training,
  • life skill and awareness build up training.
  • Training on child rights(CRC,COC,OHS)
  • Social Parenting program(Employer Training)
  •  Parenting education with the parents.
  • Drawing, cultural activities and sports for the children.
  • Involve the local government representatives to introduce CDWs registration system to their respective UP and sensitize them to take local level initiatives for prevention of child rights violation.
  • Workshop and essay competition with the students and teachers from mid level education institutions and with the HECDWs. 

Project target groups- Targeted beneficiaries:

  • The child domestic workers.
  • The child domestic workers at risk.
  • The students from formal schools.
  • Middle class students.
  • The employers.
  • The parents.

Major Achievement:

Numerical Overview of the Project: (January to December 2014)
1Vocational and skills-based training060640110150
2Recreational activities for all targeted children: annual sports, cultural events, music, art competition, games materials0202150350500
3Training for employers – Social Parenting Program0303503181
4Training for 20,000 parents/guardians – Parenting Program202056491547
5Training for children from HECDWs – School-based Awareness Programme on CDWs issues and their rights.1010130202332
6Training for Local Government on registration system to protect CDWs from unsafe migration0303532477

Some of major achievements:

  • The child domestic workers and CDWs at risk, those are from very vulnerable family have received education facilities from CLC.
  • A large number of the CLC students are mainstreamed.
  • After receiving different types of training, the children are now more aware about their education and rights.
  • The employers are sensitized about the rights of their child domestic worker and their behaviors are positively changed.   
  • A very intimacy and cooperative relationship is developed among the local government and relevant local administration.
  •  Till now nearly 200 CDws have created their own space by alternative secure job placement.
  • The parents are now more conscious about their child safety issue at the work places.  
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