Child Domestic Workers Protection Project

Be secured the child domestic workers, be protected child rights.

☺Project Title: Child Domestic Workers Protection Project.

☺Supported by: Ain O Salish Kendro and Save the children international.

Project Goal: Children are living better protected from abuse by all duty bearers resulting in children living free of fear and with greater opportunity to fulfil their potential.

☺Geographical Coverage:

sl Name of Upazilla Name of Union/Municipality Name of villages Comment
1 Satkhira Sadar Satkhira Sadar, Labsha, Agardari katia matpara,Boddipur, Parkukrali, Nolkura, Thanaghata, Kashempur,
2 Kaligonj Krishnanagar North Roghunathpur, Bamonhati, Sota, Choudhurati
3 Syamnagar Bhrulia Daulia, Chalitaghata.

☺Project Summary:

  • Since January 2011 AGROGOTI SANGSTHA has been implementing a project especially on child rights where we have 12 community learning centre in three shifts, 2 socialization centres and also vocational training centre.
  • Through the project activities the child domestic workers and the children at risk of becoming CDWs will be benefited from direct improvements to their quality of life and life changes through improved literacy, numeracy and vocational skills, legal presentation, improved mental and physical health and opportunities to socialise with peers.
  • The children, parents, local government representatives, teachers and students from mid level schools will have increased awareness of child rights and improved attitudes, behaviour towards CDWs and the employers adhere to the COC improving working conditions.

☺ Major activities:

Child education, Vocational training, health support, psychosocial support, life skill and awareness build up training, parenting program, Drawing, cultural activities and sports, involve local government representatives to sensitise on child rights.

☺Major Achievements (Direct and indirect):

  • 900 students already complemented class one and two and now studying in class three under AGROGOTI SANGSTHA community learning centre.
  • Under the project different types of training are going on  as like as 1720 parents on parenting issues ,200 employers on child rights,700 students on life skill,775 students on child rights, 04 local government representatives and one collegiate school teachers on child rights and 455 children are received vocational training.
  • Through different vocational training 22 of our students are already supporting to their family by their alternative jobs.

A very reciprocal intimacy relationship is built up with the employers and elites of the society what’s make us easier to achieve the goal of the project.

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