SECOTT Project

Name of the project: Sexual Exploitation of Children Online and in Travel and Tourism (SECOTT)

Duration: April 2016 to 31 December 2020.

Total budget: 76,87,952/=

Funded & Supported by: Terre Des Hommes (NL) & Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)

Implemented by: Agrogoti Sangstha.

Geographical coverage:

Geographical coverage:

District: Satkhira.

Upazila: Satkhira Sadar and Kaligong.

Union: Sadar Upazila- 1. Labsha 2. Agardari 3. Jhawdanga  4. Brammarajpur 5. Municipality 1-5 No. wards.  

Kaligonj Upazila- 1. Krishnanagor 2. Bishnopur 3. Moutala.

Beneficiaries (Category and number):

Children who are the victim of sexual exploitation, Children at risk, Child rights defender forum, parents group are the direct beneficiaries of this project. ICT service providing organization, local govt., journalist association, law enforcement agency, district administration, and policy makers, regional and national child rights network,  educational institution are indirect beneficiaries.

Direct Beneficiaries: 3007

Indirect Beneficiaries:  4015.

Goals: The overall goal of the project is to protect children from online sexual exploitation and in travel and tourism, visualizing the issue at national and international level through research, advocacy and awareness.


  • To incorporate the handbook of safe internet in the text book.
  • To sensitize the community leader on online sexual exploitation issues.
  • To sensitize the local media for advocating the children’s rights
  • To increase the knowledge of private sector on benefit of child friendly environment.

Achieved results:

  • The local people are working together and engaged in such activities (Child Sexual Harassment through Online) through the Agrogoti Sangstha and collaborating with the Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK).
  • At the present time, members of the Child Rights Defender Forum sit in tea stalls and discuss with neighbouring about the child sexual harassment or sexual abuse.
  • Members of the Child Rights Defender forum are raising awareness by organizing court yard meetings in their own initiative about child sexual harassment.
  • Upazila education officer expressed their determination to work on the matter in their respective positions.
  • Upazila education officer expressed from determination to work in their respective position to increase awareness of safe internet access. As a result, he distributes awareness on use Safe Internet Guidebook in every secondary school.  The guide book is being taught in all secondary school in Satkhira Sadar Upazilla.
  • Union Parishad promised that they will discuss prevention of sexual exploitation of children through the misuse of the Internet in their monthly and various type of meeting.
  •  People have learned about some of the punishment for child rights Act, 2013, Digital Security Act 2018, pornography control laws 2012.
  • The Bramarajpu Union Parishad did take initiatives to stop the Internet serving shops in Maskhola Bazar from loading any bad picture on children’s mobile memory.
  • Especially mothers came to know about child sexual abuse prevention in the grassroots level as a result of meetings on the topic of child sexual abuse prevention through the Internet.
  • The Bramarajpur Union discussed the issue of eradication of children through their monthly meetings.
  • Safe Internet Use Guidebook was being taught with the utmost importance in the students of all classes in the school.
  • CRDF member’s awas discussing child sexual abuse issues through Facebook with tea stall and community people.
  • Upazila education officer himself followed up through Rajnagar RJ Secondary School and Labasha Imadul Haque School to see if the Safe internet use Guidebook was being taught.
  • Through the talk show awareness had been raised to prevent internet abuse at the community level.
  • The education institution and the school management committee had been very vocal about child abuse.
  • Through cultural events, initiatives had been taken to raise awareness among the community about child sexual harassment or sexual abuse.
  • Court yard meetings were underway to prevent child sexual abuse online through various neighbourhoods in the work area.
  • The people and the community level had been taken initiatives to raise awareness through cultural events
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