Project Title:  Establishing Transparent and Accountable Local Government Project


Supported by:  Manusher Jonno Foundation.


Duration: 2004-2013


Goal: Sustaining local government accountability system to provide improved services for the deprived poor & hard core people.

Purpose: 53476 poor and extreme poor households get improved livelihood support (viz.- health, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, safety net support, infrastructure, etc.) through practicing participatory and coordinated development processes at local level.

1) Strengthening local government and other service providing institutions to make local services easier to receive by the poor communities.

2) Enhance community people’s participation in local development process like- planning, implementation, follow up and coordination

3) Mobilizing civil society to influence local institutions & policies and facilitate communities to control over resources.



  1. Training to newly elected LEBs on the roles & functions of UP as per LG (UP) Act-2009
  2. Activating standing committees,
  3. Face to face dialogue with service delivery institute
  4. Meeting with local management committee
  5. Exchange visit on best practice
  6. Ward Sava
  7. Pre-budget session at Union level
  8. Open budget declaration session
  9. Quarterly development coordination meeting
  10. Tax Fair
  11. Ward Samajik Uddog Forum meeting,
  12. Union Samajik Uddog Forum meeting,
  13. Upazilla Samajik Uddog Forum meeting
  14. Community score card,
  15. Assembly of Samajik Uddog Forum.
  16. Action Oriented Mobilization
  17. Sharing and planning with SUF and UP
  18. Social audit
  19. Five years plane develop of UP


Project Output:

  • Develop the livelihood of deprived communities through creating available the entitlements opportunities, services and using local resources.
  • Increase underprivileged community participation in the development process as the decision maker.
  • Activate local institutions and committees through advocacy and capacity building.

Service deliver institutions will active to provide service to community properly.

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