Verification Observation Indication through Community Engagement (VOICE)

Project Name : Verification Observation Indication through Community Engagement (VOICE) 

Project Goal : The goal of the project is to promote Local Government responsiveness through ensuring social accountability for better performance in particularly LGSP-ll.

Duration : 15th September, 2012 to 15th August, 2014.


Objectives :

  1. To ensure the transparency and accountability of LGSP-ll procedures through engaging community and civil society, using social accountability  (SA) tools (i.e- CRC, CSC, Use RTI  and open budget declaration) in Satkhira district.
  2. To mobilize and capacitate civil society and community to identify the gaps of LGSP-ll Procedures through SA tools and make the service providers and relevant groups for resolving.
  3. To identify through the personal satisfaction status, recommendation, existing grievance and present to administration, service providers, beneficiaries to develop the satisfactions and resolute the grievance by follow the existing implementing procedures.


Activities :

o)     Base line survey.

o)     Staff training.

o)     Community Score Card (CSC)

o)     Citizen Report Card (CRC)

o)     Open Budget declaration .

o)     Community platform formation.

o)     Community platform functioning .

o)     Dialogue meeting with SUF, UP and implementation related representatives.

o)     SUF leader training.

o)    UP and USF members orientation.

o)     Experience sharing meeting at Upazilla level.

o)     Experience sharing meeting at district level.

o)     Opening ceremony.




Geographic Location :









Satkhira Sadar

1)Bansdha  2) Kushkhali 3) Shibpur 4) Dhuliahar 5) Jaudhnaga 6) Baikari 7) Bhomra.
Tala 1)Nagarghata 2) Kumira 3) Khalishkhali 4) Jalalpur 5) Khalilnagar 6) Tala
Assasuni 1) Budhata 2) Sovnali 3) Kadakati 4) Sriula 5) Assaduni 6) Dargapur 7) Protapnagar.
Devhata 1)Parulia 2) Nowapara 3) Devhata 4) Shokhipur.
Shymnagar 1) Shymnagar  2) Bhurulia 3) Noornagar 4) Munsigonj 5) Kashimari 6) Ishoripur.


Expected results :

  • LGSP-ll activities of UP is monitoring by the developed and capacitated community group.
  • Communities engage in UP planning budgetary and financial system.
  • Community finds out the  lacking of LGSP implementation process and develop resolving plan.
  • Citizen satisfaction level of  LGSP implementation identify regularly.
  • Service providers take action to promote the service status.
  • Service providing institutions provide service with transparency and accountability.



Expected results outputs :

  • Community will be mobilized and capacitated to execute the social accountability tools in UP to follow the implementation guideline properly.
  • Service provider institutions will be transparent and accountable by using AS tools and engaging the community and civil society in financial management, implementation monitoring system, planning and budgeting.
  • Service nature, quality and community satisfaction level will be identified and promoting action will be taken by service provider.
  • Social accountability tools will be adopted in the area and replicate to other area.


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