Promoting Sexual & Reproductive Health Education through exchange expertise

Project Name:
Promoting Sexual & Reproductive Health Education through exchange expertise.

Funded By: FK Norway
Implemented By:
Agrogoti Sangstha, Bangladesh (Coordinating Organization)
Partner Organization
Right Track, India
Aawaaj, Nepal

Project Location:
Satkhira, Bangladesh
Kolkata, India
Kathmandu, Nepal

Project Content:

The exchange of International young professional between Bangladesh, Nepal and India will contribute to develop the capacity of the organizational staff in dealing the issues of sexual and reproductive health. The knowledge of good practices on menstruation and puberty changes as well as the issues related to STI will be strengthen among the organization through exchange. The expertise which has been developed through knowledge sharing will be reflected during individual organizations intervention area for brining visible change at the community level.

Exchange project duration: April 2019- July 2022
Number of exchange rounds: 03 rounds
Exchange project period: 3 Years and 3 months.
Exchange period for the FK participants: 12 months + two weeks of follow-up work after coming home (for all).

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