Empowering Minorities and Advocacy for Ensuring their Rights

Name of the project   :    ‘Empowering Minorities and Advocacy for Ensuring their Rights’

Duration                         :    1st November 2020 to 30th April 2021

Funded by                      :    Minority Rights Group Europe (MRGE) and NORAD

Implement by               :    Name of the lead organization: Agrogoti Sangstha

                                                 Name(s) of partner organization(s): 

                                                 1. Prerona- Prerona Nari Unnaya Sanggathan                   2. Dristinandan Daridrakallyan Foundation

                                                 3. Nari Unnayan Sangstha

Project objective(s)     :     

  • To inform the target group about their rights & services and how to claim them through use of RTI during spread of the pandemic.
  • To develop linkages of the target community with various CSOs, religious committees and local government and admin so that they can advocate for their rights.
  • To document the instances of right violations and discriminations during spread of the pandemic so that they can be taken to the relevant authorities and appropriate action is taken 

Geographical Area      :    District: Satkhira, Upazila: SatkhiraSadar, Kaligonj, Tala & Shyamnagor

Beneficiary’s details   :    Total beneficiaries: 425

Religious and other Minority women: 300

Religious and other Minority men: 125

Total budget (BDT)      :    5,19,050.00 Taka.

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