• Project Title: Sustainable Intervention to Prevent Human Trafficking and to Promote Safe Migration ProjectSUSTAIN
  • Funded & Supported by: USAID & Winrock International.      
  • Duration: May-2018 to August-2020. 
  • Total Budget: 10,808,096 (Winrock International: 93,57,554)
  • Project Goal:    People enjoy better human rights when protected from human trafficking and unsafe migration.
  • Project objectives: 
    • Objective 01. Strengthen capacity of communities to recognize factors of Human Trafficking, unsafe migration and child marriage and take effective action to prevent these elements.
    • Objective 02. Improve capacity of the relevant institutions on their proactive role as per NPA.
    • Objective 03. Establish an effective networking and partnership among the relevant institutions to accelerate appropriate services for the reference group.
    • Objective 04. Increase involvement of the PSDA, duty bearer and social actors for child marriage prevention and contribute to the society for social peace and harmony.
  • Geographical Area:

District– Satkhirta & Khulna.

Upazila– Satkhira Sadar, Kalaroa, Syamnagar, Kaligonj under Satkhira District.

                Rupsha under Khulna District.

Union- 12 Union in Satkhira District and 5 union in Khulna District.

  • Targeted Beneficiaries: 10, 78,854 (Ten lac Seventy Eight Thousand Eight hundred fifty four only.
  • Major Activities:   
  • Community Mobilization meeting  
  • School awareness Campaign
  • Bi-Cycle Campaign on Human Trafficking and Child Marriage Prevention Issue.
  • Community Radio Campaign-with PSA broadcast and Talk show with Nalta Community Radio, Satkhira & Sundarban Community Radio, Koira-Khulna.
  • TFD-Folk Song/ Street Drama on TIP and Child Marriage Prevention issue. 
  • Basic Training for the peer leaders on TIP & Child Marriage Prevention Issue.
  • Progress review and planning meeting with the peer leaders & Service Provider at the district level.
  • Facilitate Referral Services through networking with go-Ngo Service delivery organizations. 
  •  Union level data Register maintain for the Human Trafficking and outgoing Migrants.
  • CTC Training on their roles & responsibilities
  • CTC follow up meeting at Union, Upazilla and District level. 
  • Day Observation. (Human Trafficking Prevention & International migration day)
  • Pre-decision Training for the potential Migrants.  
  • Pre-departure Training with the outgoing Migrants.
  • Award distribution among the successful initiator.
  • Marriage Registrar Training on Prevention of Child Marriage.
  • Student Committee Formation on Child Marriage prevention. 
  • Door to Door Campaign to Prevent Human Trafficking and Child Marriage.
  • Orientation for up representatives, Standing Committee, CTC, VAW committee, Parents, CBOs and SMC on Human Trafficking and Child Marriage Prevention Issue.
  • Major Achievement/Result:
  • During the period 550 trafficking at risk & victims and Child Marriage at risk & Victims have received services under referral mechanism from Union porishod and other relevant go-Ngo service delivery agencies.  
  • All the 17 Union CTCs under Satkhira, Kalaroa, Kaligoj, Syamnagar of Satkhra and Rupsha Upazilla of Khulna district allocated yearly budget for the period of 2019-2020 specified purpose of Human Trafficking Victim rehabilitation and conduction of monthly Union CTC meeting.
  • MOU is signed among with Agrogoti Sangstha, DEMO, TTC, Nalta Community Radio, Kaligonj, Sundarban Community Radio, Koira, Khulna, DYD and some other organizations that enhanced services for the victims and at risk.
  • The data register update activity about the information of outgoing, returnee and trafficking cases have accelerated at the Union level with the assistance of Peer leader, UDC, Village Police and CTC members. 
  • Through pre-decision and pre-departure training a visible demand is created among the potential and outgoing migrants to check their visa and review their decision. The trend of communication with Agrogoti Sangstha as well as DEMO is preferably raised.
  • The trends of taking local initiative for the prevention of human trafficking & Child Marriage and promotion of safe migration have observed significantly by the organized UDC, CTC members, students committee, marriage registrar and at least 120 peer leaders in the area.       
  • Lesson Learnt:
  • The budget allocations in the annual budget of 17 Union CTC for the purpose of monthly CTC meeting and rehabilitation expenditure of the trafficking victims have added value from the purpose of CTC activation.
  • The presence of CTC members, marriage registrar and religious leaders to the root level activity increased the importance, acceptability and eagerness among the community people toward initiative and justification process.
  • The UDC may establish as Migration Resource Centre at the local level then the people can get information easily about Trafficking and migration process. That will act to reduces human Trafficking as a regular information source. Here only development of on line services is not sufficient rather it may act to check visa and guide to search job market with a proper way.
  • The local initiator like peer leader have special value for ensuring sustainability from the theme of comprehensive action. 
  • The marriage registrar said that the declaration from the high court about illegality of marriage from notary public is not sufficient at all rather it is more important to circulate as punishable offense.    
  • When any step is taken to prevent child marriage then the parents bring their girls and boys to the other village or Union and finally accomplish the marriage hiding the information.
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