Project Title: Promoting Accountability, Responsiveness, Transparency of Nominated and Engaged Representatives (PARTNER)

Supported by: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Project Goal: Establishing good governance at public institutions to ensure entitlements and improve services for the deprived and poor people.

Purpose: Ensure entitlements and improve services (VGD, widow, old age and maternity allowance, soft loan, agriculture, health, fisheries, livestock, public health and other UP services) of 14875 extreme poor households through practicing democratic norms at LGU and local public institutions.

Project Objectives:

Objective-1: Strengthen local level public service institutions to practice democratic norms for ensuring the service easier to poor community.

Objective-2: Enhance community participation in local development procedures.

Objectives-3: Citizenry building and capacity building for promoting voice in favor of the poor and marginalized.


  • Enhanced institutional capacity of LGI.
  • Enhanced LGIs’ self revenue mobilization & management capacity and increased pro-poor spent.
  • Improved capacity (KSA) of LEBs on local development management
  • Increased civic engagement in the governance of local public services
  • Promoted social accountability of public service providers.

Duration: August 2013- July 2016

Working Area:

15 union (Islamkati, Kumira, Nagarghata, Juadanga, Kushkhali, Budhata, Sovnali, Kadakati, Dargapur, Bordal, Shayamnagar, Kashimari, Ishwaripur, Mushigonj, Burigoalini) of 4 Upazilla (Tala, Sadar, Assasuni, Shayamnagar) in Satkhira district.


  • Open Budget Declaration of UP and Upazilla
  • Five years plan develop at UP and Upazilla
  • Ward Shava
  • Budget Review Meeting at UP
  • Union Development Coordination Meeting
  • Activating Standing committee at UP
  • Participatory Tax Assessment and documentation
  • Tax Fair
  • Smajik Uddog Fourm (SUF) functioning at Ward, UP,Upazilla and District Level
  • Social Audit (Local service Monitoring and Dialogue at UP, Upazilla and district)
  • Community Score Card
  • Citizen Charter develop
  • Public Hearing
  • Mobilize Community Initiated Actions
  • UP governance capacity measurement and dialogue
  • Union IGA fund function
  • Training LEBs on the roles & functions of UP as per LG (UP) Act
  • Exchange visits
  • SUF Assembly
  • Theory of Change

Issue based orientation

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