Model Village Project

Project Name: Model Village


Duration: 2012 – 2016


Donor: VSO Bangladesh


Geographical area: Ramnagar, Sathkira District, Kulna Division, South-West Bangladesh


Overall objective:

Create model village by strengthening institutional linkage & citizen’s volunteer engagement.

Specific objectives:

  • · To establish and build rural citizen & institution image as a socially and environmentally responsible and committed
  • ·To train the farmers on scientific & appropriate practices of crop husbandry for improving quality of yield and income
  • ·To build awareness and maintain health & hygiene of villagers
  • ·To develop youth leaders among them to become self‐reliant in a period of 5 years
  • ·To make the village a role model for surrounding village



Overall Results:

  • · Build Social capital and leadership of youth volunteers.
  • · Transform power relationships by empowering poor and excluded people to demand and secure their basic rights to build equitable and just society.
  • · Build Institutional governance and accountability of service providers.
  • · Build and strengthen the confidence and power of citizens and local institutions to challenge and transform the unequal power relations that favour the elite and elitist institutions.


Agrogoti Main activities 2012 – 2013:


Orientation on YC & CC on formation guideline
YC&CC formation and review
Training on social audit, implementation by YC&CC
Training tax collection, open budgeting for YC&CC
Orientation on the Right to Information Act
Orientation through court yard meeting or community action by YC&CC with community on UP government system, tax, open budgeting, right to information
Orientation on PHC and HIV/AIDS for YC & WCC
Conduct yard meeting and community action on H+PHC, HIV/AIDS by YC&CC to community people
Climate adoptive demonstration plot (Model project/village) selection and implementation by YC&CC
Replication of the model of composed fertilizer preparation and use in vegetable and rice field
Facilitate and mobilize to repair and maintain drinking pond / PSF
Observe community action day (WASH, PHC, pre & postnatal care, child care, family planning, safe drinking water, gender, tree plantation, dowry, birth registration)
Data base development of model village through IT set-up by YC, CC and youth group
Health camp (blood type check), YC annual check
Bi-monthly meeting between YC/CC and UP elected bodies
UP level bi-monthly meeting among service providers, UP, Community Clinic, Agriculture, Livestock, YC&CC

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