Promoting Science Education


Project Name: Promoting Science Education in Secondary School.


Supported by: Bangladesh Freedom Foundation, Dhaka


Implementing by: Agrogoti Sangstha, Satkhira


Duration: 1 July 2011 to June 2014


Project Area: Satkhira Sadar and Tala


Overall Goal: The project aims to Popularize Science among secondary school students through student led out-of-school activities in science and technology.



Þ Enhance and extend attainment in, interactions with and experiences of Science among Secondary school students.

Þ Initiate student-led ‘science clubs’ that provide space for discussion and experimentation on science.

Þ Encourage student to lead and manage the activities of the clubs themselves. With some guidance from their teachers and support from the partner organizations.

Þ Improve collaboration between local schools to enhance the overall quality of the region.

Þ Students are intended to spark inspiration and to foster long term interest in subjects like physics, chemistry, biology etc.

Þ Improvement in practical in practical skills, self-confidence and thinking skills of students.

Þ Initiate and guide extracurricular activities in school and improve collaboration between schools.

Þ Sensitize regional and national level policy makers, media houses and civil society though advocacy.


Major Activities:

The project intends to form science clubs in schools. The clubs will bring together three groups of people, students as direct beneficiaries and school authorities and educators and parents as secondary stockholders. Each NGO will deal will 20 educational institutions.


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