Acid Through Prevention

Project Name: Survivor Network for Prevention and Better Inclusion. 


  • Mainstream acid survivors within the society (having access to health, education, economic and social reintegration focusing in our working area and develop a survivors network in the country wide )
  • Develop an effective mechanism to prevent the cause and effect of acid violance


Donor Name: Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) & UNICEF.


Duration: 01 July 2012 to 30 June 2014.


Working Area: Satkhira District in 7 Upazillas and 2 Municipalities.


Major Activities:

  • Active involvement of civil society at district level to address the cause and effects of acid violence.
  • Public (grassroots level) awareness meeting.
  • Implement school campaign against acid violence in the Satkhira district.
  • Strengthen working relation with printing and electronic media.
  • Day observe to express solidarity with others working on violence against women issue and create mass awareness and sensitization.
  • Develop a community clinic within the acid survivors to help them in psycho-social, treatment, legal aid, education and rehabilitation support.
  • Develop a acid survivors network to mainstream them within the society.
  • Advocacy and lobby with the Government.



  • Acid survivors are to mainstream within the society.
  • Acid survivors have access to education and vocational training program.
  • Corporate and other stockholders are actively supporting for economic empowerment of the survivors.
  • General people are sensitizing for addressing the cause and effects of acid violence issue.
  • NGOs are more active in providing services to the survivors and to prevent further attack.
  • Media is sensitized and active in promoting acid violence issue as a matter of public concern.
  • Government (National Acid Control Council, relevant ministries and department) is sensitized and active for developing effective policy.
  • DACC (District Acid Control Council) and relevant bodies are functional to provide necessary services to the acid survivors and to control illegal use of acid.
  • Acid survivors playing active role within the society (Social empowered)



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