Project Title: Strengthen uplftment and restoration through vigilant initiative for the victim’s ennoblement.(SURVIVE).


Supported By: Relief International


Working Area: Satkhira District


Duration: 12 Months


Objectives: Ensure socio-economic development for the Human trafficking victims and reinitregated them to the society.


Specific objective:

» livelihood development for the survivors of human trafficking.

» Improve capacity of the institutions to indentify traffickers and prevent vulnarability of the migrants.

» Increase capacity of the communities to prevent human trafficking and promote safe migration


Target group:

» Potential, prospective and outgoing migrant workers.

» Community at risk with Trafficking vulnerability.

» The returnee immigrants those are exploited under conditions of  unscrupulous  and fraudulent activities of middle man by  unsafe migration or human trafficking.

» LEBs and CTC.


Estimated results:

ο) 10,000 people are aware through awareness activities about the risks of irregular migration and of the basic procedures of safe migration.

ο) 1000 Prospective and outgoing migrants are oriented about safe migration.

ο) A database/ Registration book is  developed to the  information service centre at the UP level about migrants, returnee migrants and trafficking victims from the respective union.

ο) 50  men trafficking victims are ennobled and established in the society by his own initiative and with the IGA support.

ο) The service delivery agencies coordinate among with the service under social safetynet program that will reflect  to reduce the vulnerability of human trafficking.

Main activities:

Identification of  Human trafficking victims and survivors and develop survivors profile for case management.

Pana Fastun and leaflet to encourage registration  syatem at the UP level.

Establish information support service centre and develop Up level data base/Registration book.

Awareness Campaign to prevent human trafficking and to promote safe migration. (Jontly with peer leaders, survivors local elites and CTC)

Service linking Meeting

Training for the survivors on  IGA

Small grand for livelihood development of the men survivors.

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