Organizational Achievement

Key achievements

1.   Agrogoti has acquired a reputation as the most skilled and effective organization working on Local Government issues in Satkhira District.

2.   The introduction of comprehensive and meaningful participation into budgetary preparation in 25 Union Parishad had led to greater respect for the role of the UP among the local community, a large increase in tax collection, and the implementation of community supported development activities such as early marriage prevention, road construction, and birth registration.

3.   Skilled community platforms, now active at Ward, Union and Upazilla level (totaling 118committees) have undertaken various successful initiatives including Tree Plantations, Water and Sanitation, Anti-Corruption Campaigns and advocacy on service delivery.

4.   Human Trafficking Prevention Committees, active in 4 Unions have intervened to save 4 potential trafficking victims in less than one year.

5.   All Acid survivors in Satkhira District have received peer support for social reintegration and Acid Survivors have income generation.

6.   25 trained up Adolescent girls provided peer training to other female adolescents on reproductive health reaching over 1642 people.

7.   Following the training of 550 Salishkar in 4 Upazilla by our Salishkar Master Trainer Network, 49 Union Parishad and 2 Municipality opened arbitration files to document Salish cases under 4Upazilla;

8.   Agrogoti selected as one of two NGO members of District Legal Aid Support Committee, the only civil society member of District Acid Control Council and a powerful advocate on District Trafficking Prevention Committee and District NGO-Coordination Committee.

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