SAPATH Project

Name of the Project:

Strengthening Actions for Prevention and Abatement of Trafficking through Initiating Social Hub (SAPATH)

Supported by: Mumbai Smiles Foundation

Implemented by: Agrogoti Sangstha

Duration: 1st June, 2021 to 31st March, 2022

Total Budget: 14, 99,700 BDT


Men and women will enjoy a dignified life in a safer environment in the society with freedom of choice and be protected from the risk of trafficking in persons.  


  • To capacitate the communities with the proper messages for taking initiatives at the earlier stage to prevent trafficking with confidence.
  • To create an effective networking and collaborative partnership for connecting the trafficking ‘at risk’ and survivors to the existing governmental and non-governmental services and to redress the risk of trafficking with a responsive manner.
  • To create scope of employment for adolescent girls & women by developing their knowledge, skill & will provide psychosocial counselling.

Geographical Area:

1.SatkhiraSadar UpazillaAgardari, Shibpur, Municipality, Brahmarajpur
2.SatkhiraKaligonjKrishnanagar, Ratanpur, Dokkhin Sreepur, Moutola

Number and characteristics of the beneficiaries:

SL.Categories of the BeneficiariesMaleFemaleTotal
1.Trafficking ‘at risk’ adolescents135480615
2.Trafficking survivor adolescents8050130
3.Trafficking & Migration survivors125135260
4.Marginalized people60015502150
5.Trafficking ‘at risk’ community people65012501900
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