Project Title: Social Protection Entitlements Ensuring for Community and Hardcore (SPEECH)

Supported by: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Project Goal: The overall goal of the project is to contribute poverty reduction through effective implementation of social protection program.

Project Purpose: Inclusion, participation and opinion of beneficiaries and common people are reflected in social protection process to improve the services.

Project Outcome:

1)      Participatory beneficiary selection process for better targeting.

2)      One grievance mechanism established and functioning to solve community disputes. .

3)      Issues related to social protection policies reformation and practices identified for replication.

4)      Community feedback accumulated and documented on social protection procedures and implementation.

Project Outputs:

1)      Introduce and apply 4 types of social accountability tools at service delivery institutions.

2)      Improvement of institutional capacity on social protection service delivery.

3)      Increase service management, grievance redress and documentation capacity of institutions

4)      Develop community solidarity at 3 levels and functioning.

5)      Capacity building of Social Protection Forum (SPF) for community monitoring.

6)      Aware community on respective social protection program.

7)      Advocacy with the policy makers to reform policy consider community needs and benefits.

8)      Documentation for policy research and changing


Project Period:  March 2014 to June  2017 


Working Area: 10 Union (Joynagar, Jugikhali, Helatola, Keralkata, Deara, Sonabaria, Chandanpur, Keragasi, Jalabad, Koila) and one Municipality (Koloroa) of Koloroa Upazilla in Satkhira district.


Project Period:  March 2014 to June  2017 


Major Activities:

  • Social Accountability tools: (Community Score Card,Social Audit (Community Monitoring ,Dialogue at UP, Upazilla, district level, Public Hearing,Citizen Report Card)
  • Institutional Capacity building: (Orientation of LEBS  and PSI on social protection activities and strategy, Workshop on social protection Governance, Workshop on social protection grievance mechanism, Institutional performance monitoring)
  • Grievance Management System develop: ( Orientation on standing committee, ICT based grievance and management and information desk set up at upazilla)
  • Social Monitoring Forum formation and function: ( Social Protection Forum (SPF) function at UP/Municipality, Upazilla and district level)
  • Social Protection Forum Capacity Building: (Training on social accountability tools for SPF, Training of SPF (upazilla) on social accountability tools, Orientation of SPF on project strategy,  Exchange visit for LGU, SPF and PSI, Annual Sharing meeting of SPF)
  • Awareness Campaign: ( Ward level awareness meeting, social protection information dissemination [ citizen charter, information display , panaflex sheet, sign board, project information board, best practice booklet, VIDEO documentation], information booklet develop, court yard meeting at poverty pocket area, display safety net services rules, leaflet print, cultural performance, RTI day observance, Social protection fair at UP and Upazilla, school based gathering)
  • Project execution and staff capacity building activities (Exposure visit in country, base line survey, Staff capacity building, project inception meeting)

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