Project Name: Sexual Exploitation Of children Online &In Travel & Tourism.
Lead Organization: Ain O Salish Kendro
Supported By: TDH Netherland.
Implementing BY: AgrogotiSangstha.
Working Area: SatkhiraSador & Kaligonj upazila.

Project Goal:
The Goal of the project is to create awareness of the Communality People & the Local Government Organization & the Civil Society about sexual exploitation of children on travel & in tourism & online. Protect children from sexual exploitation & Enable community people & civil society to establish child Rights.

 The overall objective of the project is to protect children from online sexual exploitation and in travel and tourism, visualizing the issue at national and international level through research, advocacy and awareness. It aims to create online protection for children and introduce child safeguard in travel and tourism.
 Empowers the children and mobilizes families and communities to prevent children from abuses and exploitations.

Major Activities:
 Workshop with children.
 Workshop with parents.
 Dialogue sessions with CSOs, youth and adolescent and private sector representatives on safe internet services.
 Round table session with Dist/ City Corporation /Upazila level GO/NGOs on child friendly internet services.
 Lobby with Government to adopt the CoC
 Advocacy with the school management committee to take sessions on safe internet use of children using the handbook.
 Submission of memorandum to incorporate the issues on safe internet use in curriculum at secondary level to DC/UNO/DEO(District Education Officer)
 Develop IEC materials on safe internet
 Raise voice on the issue of sexual harassment through meeting, campaigns and advocacy Initiatives

 Capacity building of community members to organize awareness raising campaign in the working areas
 Introduce dialogue sessions between community members with local government.
 Establish Network between child rights defenders among the service provider (GO/NGO) to take immediate steps.
 Annual learning and sharing experience workshop with Community people & Child Rights Defender Forum.

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