Advancing Women’s Right of access to Information in Bangladesh

Project Name: Advancing Women’s Right of access to Information in Bangladesh.

Duration: 1st February, 2020–30thSeptember, 2021

Budget: 54,60,000.00 BDT

Supported by: The CARTER CENTRE & USAID

Implemented by: Agrogoti Sangstha.


Create an enabling environment where women, especially Dalit and Marginalized are able to enjoy Right to information from government and non-government agencies for protecting their fundamental Rights.


  • To empower the Dalit and Marginalized women in Satkhira district to get legal and social services with access to information.
  • To ensure responsiveness of the GOs and NGOs for providing information with efficient and equitable manner.
  • To strengthen capacity of the Civil Society Organizations and Youth Key Informant to advance Marginalized women with effective information flow.


  1. 2558 beneficiaries will be empowered through awareness and will be able to raise their voices for their rights.
  2. 378 Dalit women, marginalized and socially excluded people will use their RTI for access to services.
  3. 30 GOs and 20 NGOs will be capacitated for responding to RTI related issues with gender responsiveness.
  4. 72 Youth Key Informant will be capacitated to mobilize the target community by providing accurate information and influence them for using their RTI.

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased use of RTI by the Women of Dalit, marginalized and socially excluded people in access to services.
  • Increased capacity of GO and NGO agencies to give services with gender responsiveness from the perspective of RTI.
  • The civil society organization and youth key informant have realized the necessity of proper application of RTI and strengthen the demand side capacity of the accessibility of the law.

Working Area:

Satkhira District, Satkhira Sadar, Kaligonj and Shyambagor Upazila 6 Union.

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