Preventing Extremism through Active Community Engagement (PEACE) Consortium

Project NamePreventing Extremism through Active Community Engagement (PEACE) Consortium
Goal:  Community’s resilience to Violent Extremism gets strengthened. Ensuring community participation against extremism and extremist-sponsored violence. Preventing the recruitment of young people through public awareness about extremist and militant groups. To keep the various representative and responsible sections of the community alert.
Duration:  October 2019 to December 2021
Funded By:  Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF)
Implemented By:  Agrogoti Sangstha
Geographical Coverage (Working Areas)All the unions under Sadar, Asashuni, Tala and Kalaroa Upazilas of Satkhira district and Satkhira and Kalaroa municipalities.
Beneficiaries (category and number):The total number of direct beneficiaries is 51,656 and among them 18,543 females and 33,113 males. Indirect beneficiaries is 3, 40,851 and among them 1, 19,298 female and 2, 21,553 male.  
Total Budget 17233900 Taka
Procedures for conducting activitiesMeetings, youth social initiatives, dialogues, sports, cultural events, debate competitions, day celebrations, taking various initiatives at the community level, etc.
Key Achievement51 planned peace clubs were formed with the participation of 1071 young people including 419 Women and 652men. The peace club aims to promote youth engagement in the issue of community concern and preventing violent extremism.51 peace clubs conducts their functioning meeting quarterly and ensuring active – effective engagement of the club members on relevant activities to themselves and their respective community.Through 102 Support youth Action Regular stimulation of Peace Club to engage communities with an enhanced sense of belonging and confidence resulting in resilience to VE agenda total beneficiaries direct male 29038, female 17235 and indirect male 68342 female 43963Dialogue among Law & Order Committee and Peace Club Members with the participation of 50 including women 18 and 32 men Share the idea and activities to develop a sharing mechanism to ensure coordinated action for preventing VE.International Peace Day Observation By campaigning the significance of International Peace Day among the people of the community, they will realize the importance of Peace, tolerance. Total Direct Male 12400 and Female 5800 involved.Interfaith dialogues awareness on PVE that total direct participants male 127 and female 50.Though Dialogue among Peace Club, Community, and Local Authority Develop a sharing mechanism among community members for promoting constructive social milieu as they represent their interest against VE total participants, male 666 And female 335.By Intra Educational Institution Debate Competition Targeted students became aware of their role in preventing violent extremism within the student community, total direct male 793, female 907 and indirect male 2166, female 2170Development of Psycho-social Support Group, Creating a platform in the community to confirm a stronger and more positive sense of self-worth for the youth, contributing to strengthening resilience to radicalization led VE total participant 100 that includes male 64 and female 34.  
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