Ashshash: For Men and Women Who Have Escaped Trafficking

Name of Project: Ashshash: For Men and Women Who Have Escaped Trafficking

Funded by: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Supported by: Winrock International

Implementing Partner: Agrogoti Sangstha. 

  • Duration: November-19 to April-2022.  
  • Total Budget: BDT:1,77,84,000 Taka (One corer seventy seven lac eighty four thousand taka only) 
  • Project Goal: To restore dignity, improve well-being and build self-sufficiency for men and women who have Escaped Trafficking.       
  • Expected Outcome: 
  • Men and women who have escaped trafficking improve their social and economic well-being by using services for reintegration.
  • Institutions are made more accountable and effective in providing services beneficial to men and women who have escaped trafficking.    
  • Working  Area: District: Satkhira and Khulna)  
011.Satkhira  1.Satkhira Sadar 2.Tala 3.Kaligonj 4.Syamnagar  01        Khulna        FultolaDigholiaDumuria KoiraPaikgachaCity Corporation: Ward No:1-16
  • Target Beneficiaries:  
SlDistrictTarget Beneficiaries
  • Major Activities:
  • Survivor Identification and Enrollment. 
  • Case Management with documentation.
  • Psychosocial Counseling Support to Survivors, Family & Community.
  • Coordination meetings with service providers.
  • Capacity Development of CTIP activists on Human Trafficking, migration, Survivor service, Survivor identification and referral mechanism.
  • Bi-Monthly Coordination meeting for CTIP Activists.
  • School / Madrasah/ College sessions (TIE/TFD).
  • Interactive session with Youth and CBO.
  • Refreshers training of CTIP activists.
  • Community awareness session (POT/ Puppet).
  • Day Observation.
  • Training for CTIP activists on facilitation, communication, survivor reintegration and advocacy.
  • Interactive session with potential migrants at TTC.
  • Dialogue with Law enforcement agencies and Media.
  • Sports competition at educational institution.
  • District level convention of CTIP activists & Anirban.
  • Follow-up, Assessment & Sustainable Re-Integration of Survivors.
  • Follow-up of Survivors in collaboration with TSPs.
  • Key Achievement:
  • Cooperative and networking relationship is developed among with DEMO, TTC and other go-ngo service provider.
  • Effective partnerships have been developed along with other organization like CWCS, DAM, Ucep and Caritas.
  • The staffs are capacitated enough for counseling the survivors with training under Ashshash project.   
  • During the period the number of 703 trafficking survivors have identified (Satkhira:376, Khulna:327) and through need assessment and skill training their socio-economic wellbeing process have been started.

Ashshash Project, Agrogoti Sangstha.

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